Hi, I’m Joseph and I’m from London in the UK.
I’m a vegan athlete that’s challenging stereotypes and trying to spread positivity.
I follow a high carb, low fat diet & race track bicycles. Vegan for 6 years, sober for
7 and a half years. I love animals, nature, compersion, sweating, exploration, stars,
laughing, learning, sobriety, contemplation, bananas, dates, water and sleeping!
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Here’s some shots I took on the March Against Monsanto in London which happened today. I ended up getting there quite late so the numbers had died down a little. I was lucky enough to catch the group setting off from Parliament Square marching towards the US embassy.

I enjoyed marching and shouting but I think that there was too much mention of other causes and not enough in depth information about Monsanto. It seems like it was just a bit unfocused but I guess these protests are also a good platform to raise awareness of other struggles.

Anyway, there were no incidents with the police, everyone seemed to have a good time and we made some more people aware of the evils of Monsanto so I think you could say the day was a success.

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