Thanks to all those who replied to the question I posted earlier about glutenfree pizza base recipes. You well very helpful and I managed to find out everything I kneaded.

So, I followed a recipe which used wheat flour but just swapped it out for glutenfree flour. This is the result. A mountain of vegetables upon a swamped, somewhat rectangular, base. The veggies aren’t that cooked but they aren’t raw. The base is very hard and crispy on the edges and a bit uncooked in the centre. I think the mistake I made was piling on so many vegetables, especially aubergine (eggplant), which made it difficult for the base to cook properly. Oh well, I’m still eating it all anyway as it tastes great. There’s probably about 1000kcals here which are mainly coming from carbohydrates so it’s a good meal.


Base: Glutenfree flour, water, yeast, soft brown sugar and olive oil.

Topping: Chopped tomatoes (reduced to a sauce), onion, red bell pepper, red and green chillies, mushrooms, aubergine (eggplant) and spinach with black pepper, cayenne powder and smoked paprika for seasoning. No added salt.

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