Hi, I’m Joseph and I’m from London in the UK.
I’m a vegan athlete that’s challenging stereotypes and trying to spread positivity.
I follow a high carb, low fat diet & race track bicycles. Vegan for 6 years, sober for
7 and a half years. I love animals, nature, compersion, sweating, exploration, stars,
laughing, learning, sobriety, contemplation, bananas, dates, water and sleeping!
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The Nuances of Raw Food

One thing I have become a lot more aware of since I’ve begun following a high raw diet is the subtle differences from date to date, banana to banana, spinach leaf to spinach leaf. Each piece of fruit, or veg, has it’s own taste, it’s own look and it’s own character. This is the polar opposite to what the food industry strives to do with processed food. Every item attempts to be an identical clone of the other which breeds monotony and wastefulness.

It’s just nice to know that my food hasn’t been tugged and pulled at, or even chucked away, just because it didn’t fall in line.

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