Hi, I’m Joseph and I’m from London in the UK.
I’m a vegan athlete that’s challenging stereotypes and trying to spread positivity.
I follow a high carb, low fat diet & race track bicycles. Vegan for 6 years, sober for
7 and a half years. I love animals, nature, compersion, sweating, exploration, stars,
laughing, learning, sobriety, contemplation, bananas, dates, water and sleeping!
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Russia Today - Corporations are not interested in healthy food

Obesity is one of the main health problems in America. But it turns out that big corporations in the US are cashing in on making people fat. To tell more about how lobbyists are fattening up the American public and their own wallets Christopher Cook, author of the book “Diet for a dead planet,” joins RT’s Kristine Frazao.

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    Sobering thoughts…. I will buy his book to read more.
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    The Awful truth.
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