Hi, I’m Joseph and I’m from London in the UK.
I’m a vegan athlete that’s challenging stereotypes and trying to spread positivity.
I follow a high carb, low fat diet & race track bicycles. Vegan for 6 years, sober for
7 and a half years. I love animals, nature, compersion, sweating, exploration, stars,
laughing, learning, sobriety, contemplation, bananas, dates, water and sleeping!
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The Vegan Zombie teaches us how to make a chocolate pudding.

I love this guy so much. Seems like such a dude. I need to find some vegan suitable biscuits like these in the UK. I think most bourbons are okay but are they the same as these? Can anyone help me?

  1. 190590 answered: It’d be different, but you could blend dark chocolate chips with hobnobs. It wouldn’t be as chocolatey but it’d taste rad.
  2. kirstyrebecca said: Doves Farm and Against The Grain (a little bit dearer) do some lovely biscuits!
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    I’m having hot flashes. Vegan chocolate pudding and a sexy, bearded, vegan man? Woo woo!
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    when he says cute… I NEED TO HAVE HIM.
  5. toiletsnacks answered: IFLT/IFLY/IFLH
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