1. Time to carb up!

  2. *Wild vegan doughnuts appear*

  3. Found an all-vegan Indian food cart. Bonus points for the smily face!

  4. A wild Manhattan appears

  5. Say hello to Wolfgang

  6. The human body is fricking cool!!! Guess where..?

  7. I made a friend hehe #nofilter #cutie

  8. Truly in suburban America right now

  9. Dogs in bags


  10. Anonymous asked: you're so cute!

    Hehe! Thank you! You are too

  11. Fruit up!

  12. Cute mutts about town

  13. We had A LOT of lovely Ethiopian food

  14. On the road to Philadelphia with some figgy friends

  15. 1.5 litres of smoothie made up of 10 bananas, blueberries, pumpkin spice and water +++ #801010