Done about 70 miles of riding today. Made it to the ferry. Next stop: Dieppe, France. Roughly 105 miles to Paris from there. Hoping to get a nap in on the boat trip. It will be epic riding through the French countryside as the sun rises. Live it!

The Most Posi Vlog of 2014: Day 250 - 255

Wow, I’ve been eating a heck load of potatoes over the last few days! Back on the weight training and posting funny things on Facebook. I’m also going to be riding my bike 160 miles from London to Paris. If you live there and want to show us some yummy vegan places then send me a message. I’m there from Monday afternoon until Thursday morning.

I just found your blog and I think i'm in love.


Hehe! I’m glad you like my blog / me! :)

I don’t know about you, but I deem this to have been a successful status. Hopefully I’ve planted the seeds for a few more veg*ns to be born!

I just freed up 90GB of space on my MacBook. I’m feeling super fresh and light. Oh, and my new desktop background rules.

I had the joy of meeting this cutie yesterday. I don’t have a clue what species they are but that is of little importance. I appreciated their beauty and who they were and that’s what matters.

I find that all too often people have a huge disregard for bugs and the smaller creatures that we share this planet with. Even people who claim to be veggie or vegan still sometimes have a lesser view of insects and it bums me out.

Every being deserves to have respect and kindness shown to them. The shape of the body you were allocated at birth should have no bearing on this. God damn, I love everyone and everything.

I tried out a new recipe last night. Homemade curry sauce. I boiled some white potatoes, stuck them in the blender with some of the water they cooked in, added a lot of curry powder, some cayenne, sugar and teaspoon of dark tahini. The results were, well, amazing. I poured it onto the remaining potatoes and tucked in. It was delicious.

I love curry sauce and now I’m so happy that I’ve found a simple high carb, low fat, no added sodium way of making it at home. I’m probably going to be eating this for dinner many, many times over the coming weeks and months. It’s very warming and is a great comfort food. I also suggest trying it with rice - which I did tonight. Yum.

I lifted weights for the first time in almost 6 months today. As winter approaches I’m going to be doing less yolo endurance things and will be focusing on getting my strength up - possibly for racing track bikes when the season starts in spring.

Coming back to weight training after a long time off is always horrible. It reminds you that you are not as strong as you used to be. I have been looking back at my spreadsheets from 2011-12 when I was consistently lifting and it’s quite disheartening to think I’ve fallen so far behind of where I once was. However, the ‘DOMS’ feels uncomfortable but strangely reassuring.

I will be doing a 3-day split consisting of a ‘pull’ day, a ‘push’ day and a leg day. I’m keeping it super, super simple by following 5x5 for reps and sets and only doing three compound lifts for each day (at least in the beginning). Squats, deadlifts, bench, military press, pull ups. Back to basics. 

One thing that will never fail to make me feel optimistic is reflecting on how many I have inspired to go vegan over the years

What is your sexual orientation?


I guess, at the moment, I’m best described as a straight (cis) male but I kinda see sexuality as fluid. Opportunities and feelings might not have arisen which may do in the future. I don’t really like labelling it as it could be open to change but that’s just my personal thing. Who really knows!

Your cycling & traveling videos make me wanna get out and do exactly what you're doing but funding is such a problem. I don't mean this in any negative way but where do you get your money from to do all this? + did you ever attend college/university?


I do it by not having many expenses in my life in general. Cheap/bulk food, ride bikes everywhere, don’t drink/smoke or do drugs, hardly ever buy new clothes, I crash at friend’s places when I’m travelling. This means I have more money to spend on things which you can’t avoid - plane tickets, etc.

I did a year at university studying maths but it didn’t work out for me. I didn’t have the drive for it. Felt like I was wasting my time and energy.

Day 239 - 249 of The Most Posi Vlog of 2014!

In the last ten days, I have done my first ever marathon, released a zine for free download and have upped my dates (fruit, hehe). Also, what do people think of my moustache? Does it look alright?

Today, I ran my first ever marathon. I say ‘ran’ but what I really mean is ‘ran really slowly and kinda walked a lot too’. Me and my buddy showed up to the race thinking it was going to be all on paved roads but to our horror we discovered it was actually a cross-country event. I had only been training on paved roads specifically because I wanted to build up for a paved race. Oh well, we yolo’d anyway and gave it our best shot.

There was sand, grass, dust, loose rocks and all sorts. Not the tarmac I had been hoping for. My feet were taking a pounding like they never had before and my strength faded quickly. We found ourselves chatting with some old dudes who said they had over 600 marathons under their belt. Maybe we shouldn’t have been running with them for as long as we did? As we got to the 12 mile mark the impact of the off-road running really started to take it’s toll. Our speed dropped and we occasionally had to walk just to give ourselves some respite.

Half way through, we were walking. We didn’t care. We’re cyclists, not runners. We hadn’t trained for cross-country. We just wanted to get the distance done in whatever time we ended up finishing with. The water stations we few and far between and there was only one feeding station which had a severe lack of vegan food (everything was high fat too!). We trudged on but the hunger started to kick in. Because of the slower pace due to the terrain it meant that we were going longer without adequate calories and this was going to be our biggest challenge.

I don’t want to bore you, but we walked a lot. And as we walked, I started to feel more and more light-headed. At some points I actually felt like I might just fall asleep there and then. We watched the miles slowly tick down on the Garmin and when we reached the official marathon distance (26.2 miles) we gave each other a high five. The only problem was that this race was 27 miles. Ouch.

We crossed the finish line not too long later and immediately went into tripod headstands. It felt good to get the weight off the legs. We finished in around 6 hours and 45 minutes which is pretty slow but we weren’t expecting what we raced. I’ll be doing a paved marathon soon and will probably put more effort into that when it comes to it but, for now, it’s time to eat some rice, lie down, try not to agitate my blisters too much and get some sleep!

Q&A Session - Travelling, veganism, positivity + more

A little while ago I asked people to ask me some questions which I could answer in a video. Well, I finally got round to it by answering 15 of my favourites. And, I know the video is quite long but I try to give good answers. Some stuff I didn’t answer too great but I was getting attacked by bugs. Enjoy!

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